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Passion for IT and competence are the heart of AW.
AlphaWaves is wherever technology and innovation are:
from cybersecurity, to AI, from automation to industry 4.0

CTO as a service

We realise your idea. We manage your ICT projects. We solve your problems. We offer a 360° consultancy service following all the phases of the realisation of your project. We develop custom solutions to meet your needs.


IT infrastructures are nowadays the key asset for any business, but often they are also its weak point. Are you protected? We provide ad hoc solutions and highly specialised consultancy, guaranteeing you peace of mind.

Industry 4.0 & IoT

Do you want to undertake an industrial project oriented toward New Technologies? We are the right guys! We are always on the ball and through to the use of cutting-edge IoT devices, data will have no more secrets.

Machine Learning

We develop innovative systems able to learning from data, identifying patterns autonomously and making decisions with minimal human intervention. AI will dictate technology in the future. We are ready!


Research is our bread and butter. We were born with a foot in academia and another in industry. We grew up by walking on the edge of the two worlds. Let's take advantage of our thorough methods to go beyond the explored frontiers

Education & Training

Our journey taught us how to teach! Our skills can be learned and we know how to pass them on. We will train you so that you can learn everything you need to be autonomous.

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The legendary AW-Team
Alessandro Aliberti

I am an innovation enthusiast. Technology and computer sciences are my bread and butter. I got my PhD studying and developing innovative methodologies for the analysis of data streams and IoT devices by exploiting neural networks.

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Alessio Viticchié

Work hard, play harder! I'm an enthusiast of everything that works. I got a PhD in cybersecurity by developing software protection methodologies.

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Gian Marco Vinai
Cloud Architect

I always wanted to be a computer scientist since I was a child. My dreams of becoming a game developer brought me to this path, which I am walking with AlphaWaves. Ambition leads me to learn as much as I can, and use that knowledge for working and personal purposes.

Felice Cetrone
Software Engineer

I got my bachelor in Computer Science at the University of Turin and I am currently in my master in Computer Engineering at Politecnico di Torino. I am enterprising and curious. Computer science is my passion: its intricate nature pushes me to work hard and experiment with new ideas. I find complex systems and their processes fascinating.

Sara Raimondi
Head of Industry

I'm a student of Mechanical Engineering at Politecnico di Torino. I have always been interested in technology and its rapid evolution. I design and develop complex systems in industrial automation by combining elements of mechanics with computer science.

Lorenzo Lucia

I'm studying physics engineering at Politecnico di Torino, I love creating and working with autonomous structures and complex systems made of different elements that can communicate and interact with each other, thanks to knowledge in physics, informatics, electronics, and mathematics.

Mattia Tarchini Bojczuk
Machine Learning Engineer

I believe that true innovation lies at the intersection of ideas, where different branches of science converge to create transformative solutions. I concluded my master in Physics of Complex Systems by developing a stochastic model that could predict anomalous cancer cell growth. Bring on the challenge!


About us

Innovation. Technology. AlphaWaves!

Young, dynamic, keep learning and technological: that's the world AlphaWaves loves! AlphaWaves people live to innovate, create what does not exist, and be proud of what they do.
AlphaWaves was born in 2020, straight in the middle of the storm. We are the sons of the storm. The AlphaWaves' journey starts long before its foundation. Alessandro and Alessio are professionals and academics. They love to be independent, to be free to imagine the world they want to live in and make it real. The moment they met, they agreed on that! After years of hard work in industry and academia, they gave birth to AlphaWaves!
Since its first day of life, AlphaWaves is committed to solving problems others cannot, to satisfy every customer's need, and to serve innovation. The AW-team grows day by day. We collaborate with many professionals from different fields of the ICT world. Our internal team is made of passionate people that love technology

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