Jugaad ((\jü-‘gäd\) is a Hindi word meaning the art of finding new creative solutions.

Jugaad Produzioni is the realization of that idea. Born in 2020 from the collaboration between Luca Buzzi Reschini, screenwriter and director, and Andrea Costantino Levote, writer and producer.

Andrea Costantino Levote


Calabrian heart adopted by the creative Turin. Starts as a sport reporter: one of those you can find in the stands of a suburb soccer field, on a Monday morning, with a black Moleskine full of schemes and nicknames. He attends the Reporting course at Scuola Holden. Meanwhile he sneaks in Cinema and Marketing classes. Works as a Unit Production Manager in “Democracia”, a project that would end up winning the Phoebe award at Scuola Holden’s Opening Doors in 2018. He then produces “Fame”, a short film selected in international festivals. Today he calls himself a Storyteller: one of those with the need of telling stories, mixing skills and passion.

Luca Buzzi Reschini


Born and raised in Varese, he moves to Turin to study Cinema at Scuola Holden. He graduates in 2018, winning the Phoebe award for best movie project with the script for “Democracia”. After combining his passions for sports and cinema with “Democracia”, he then writes and direct “Fame”, bringing his love for hip hop music into this short film selected in international festivals. From 2019 he writes, produce and direct music video and commercials. He’s always looking for new stories to tell.

Alessio Viticchié


Graduated in Computer Engineering in 2015. Continues his studies in the academic research field, signing up for a PhD in Computer and Control Engineering. Meanwhile he works for Auconel as a computer engineer, designing and developing automation and control systems. He’s one of the founder of Alphawaves, a company that develops both goods and services that tries to innovate the technological world. In his free time he’s a musician, also a sports and cinema enthusiast.

Alessandro Aliberti


Movie lover since his adolescence, follows his passion during his college years. He was the first student of the Polytechnic of Turin to become a trainee for Mediaset, where he would work for two years and develop skills in video editing and web content management. Afterwards he starts a Phd in Computer and Control Engineering. He’s CEO of Alphawaves, a Consulting and Development Company based in Turin.