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Discover ALPHAWAVES key values

Built differently, to build differently.


We believe in allowing individuals to balance their personal and professional lives by offering flexible hours, remote work options, and accommodating different lifestyles.


Our company values motivation because we believe in the power of passion and drive to fuel success and fulfillment in work and life.


Empowering individuals with the freedom to make decisions and take ownership, our company values autonomy and embraces the power of independent thinking.


We believe in the power of fun to inspire creativity and build a positive atmosphere, where work feels like play and greatness can be achieved.


We believe that diversity leads to creative problem-solving and innovation.
By embracing employees with different backgrounds and hard skills, we encourage cross-contamination of ideas that ultimately drive our success.


At our company, we value growth and believe in providing opportunities for employees to progress and develop their skills as we continue to expand. We also welcome individuals who are still studying for the exact same reason!

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Building the future, one idea at a time

Who can apply?

We don't care about your background, experience, or age, as long as you are a tech entusiast and want to have fun while innovating!
However, what is essential is a dynamic mind and adaptability. You can learn technologies, but you must have the desire to learn them!

When can I apply?

AlphaWaves is a fast-growing company, therefore we might need you even when a position is not officially open. Send us your CV and we can have a talk!

How can I apply?

Send us your presentation and your CV at, we will come back to you as soon as possible and then we can have a chat!

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